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We gather as a community to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible, seeking understanding, guidance, and spiritual growth. Our diverse range of study groups cater to all ages and levels of faith, providing a welcoming environment where everyone can feel valued and supported on their journey of faith. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible scholar or just beginning to explore its teachings, there’s a place for you here. Through insightful discussions, prayerful reflection, and fellowship, we aim to not only deepen our knowledge of scripture but also strengthen our connection with God and each other.

Senior Adult Ministries

Several years ago, Methodist Temple felt the need to establish a program for seniors – a ministry to provide fellowship and an avenue to allow them to express themselves. Out of this need grew the Senior Adult Ministry (SAMs).  Currently, SAMs meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a catered meal and entertainment. We also have an exercise class every Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00am in Celebration Center. This class is offered free of charge.

Sunday Morning Groups

Koinonia Seekers

Koinonia Seekers alternates between Bible studies and inspirational books, always with a lot of good discussion. Members ranging from age 60 on up. There are 20 people that attend regularly.

Open Circle Class

Open Circle Fellowship (OCF) studies by discussion, most often using short videos and study guides that are authored by people like Max Lucado. This class shares thanksgivings, prayers, and concerns in class and through regular emails and texts.  They strive to be a supportive community to members and friends.


Any adult of any age is welcome! Maybe you have never cracked open a Bible. Maybe you have a degree in Biblical Studies. Maybe you fall somewhere in between. You will benefit from the class and make important contributions to it by your participation.


The name of the class says it all: Sojourn, which points to a people on a journey seeking to move forward. We are a diverse group of parents, singles, seekers, and searchers who aren’t afraid to tackle tough topics. We are those who have been wounded, have questions, but aren’t ready to give up on the faith. We are gay, straight, trans, conservative, liberal, but committed to being a safe, non-judgmental community in Jesus’ name. We discuss a relevant topic pertinent to the spiritual journey each week and open ourselves to God’s leading.

Temple KIDZ  (ages 0-3)

The nursery is in the Atrium and welcomes ages 0-3 years old during church services and Sunday School. All nursery leaders are background checked.

Temple KIDZ (ages 3-5)

The Temple Time room is located upstairs in Room 201 and welcomes ages 3-5 years during church services and Sunday School. All Temple Time leaders are background checked.

Temple KIDZ (Kinder-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade)

The purpose of the Temple KIDZ Ministry is to create a safe space where kids can belong and begin connecting with God, themselves, and each other. We encourage questions and curiosity as kids explore their faith. We help kids discover their gifts and create opportunities for them to share those gifts. We introduce kids to practices that help them begin to notice the Presence of God in their lives. Perhaps most importantly, we instill in kids the notion that they were made in the image of a loving God, that they are loved by God just as they are and that Jesus shows us how to love by how he lived. We also have lots of fun and have been known to get pretty messy at times!

Temple Youth (6th – 12th grade)

The Temple Youth meet on Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:00am for Sunday School. Over donuts we have topical discussions relating to the faith of the youth. These range from discussions about common themes found in the Bible, to a “Theology in Movies” series in which we watch part of a movie and have a discussion each week based on how that movie relates to our faith or to stories in the Bible.

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